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Weed Stores Near Me

Although purchasing and smoking weed in California has become significantly easier since its legality, there are still times where subtlety is necessary. With the cannabis industry’s rapid growth, it is no surprise that weed companies have found ways for you to medicate in subtle and convenient ways. Whether you are home with your kids or simply on a lunch break, it is not always possible to roll up a joint and smoke it in peace. Thus, this problem has been solved with the creation of disposable weed pens. Disposable weed pens are activated by a battery that heats the cannabis oil in an attached cartridge, allowing you to simply take a hit and feel an immediate high. When searching for ‘weed stores near me with disposable pens,’ make sure and check out Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs to find an extensive selection of disposable pens with different strains.

Disposable pens are unique in that they are a one-time-use product. This means that both the battery and cartridge come attached and filled with cannabis oil, allowing you to smoke the pen without having to recharge it. Once the cannabis oil inside the pen runs out, the pen is considered dead and is ready to be thrown away. This is, without a doubt, one of the most convenient and subtle ways to get high.

Read on to learn about the brands of disposable pens sold at Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs.

Cookies Palm Springs Disposable Pen Guide

Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs has many options for disposable pens. Some of the top brands that are both affordable and of great quality are the LIIL Stiiizy Disposables and the Raw Garden Disposables. Read on to learn about these specific products and how they work.

Weed Stores Near Me

LIIIL Stiiizy Disposables

The Stiiizy brand has become one of the most popular weed pen brands on the market. Although they do sell batteries and cartridges separately, these can be more of a Hassall given they require you to re-charge the battery. Stiiizy’s disposable line is extremely popular due to how convenient these throw-away pens are and how effective they are. These disposables come with a half gram of distillate THC oil in all: indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains. Some strains are even flavored, for example, the hybrid Strawnana strain is flavored to taste like strawberry-banana with every hit. Overall, “LIIIL STIIIZY is the ultimate portable, disposable vape device that delivers an unexpected vaping experience with great taste and bigger clouds.” These vapes can be purchased for just $25 at Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs.

Raw Garden Disposables

The Raw Garden Disposables are also very convenient in that they don’t require recharging and are a one-time-use product, however, they differ from the LIIL Stiiizys in many ways. These pens contain live resin THC oil which is a more concentrated and pure form of cannabis oil. Unlike distillate THC pens, the oil in these disposables has terpenes and other cannabinoids that make them strain-specific and medicinally valuable. In this sense, hitting one of these pens is essentially like taking a dab. Although these disposables only have .33 grams of oil in them, the quality and high they provide are incomparable. Unlike many disposables, the battery on these is reusable. This means you can twist off the battery and use it again with the purchase of a cartridge. These pens “are wonderful to taste and are rigorously tested to the most exacting quality standards, which is why Raw Garden is the most trusted and best-selling brand in Cannabis.” Pick up your Raw Garden disposable pen at Cookies Palm Springs for only $20.

Stop Your Weed Stores Near Me Search and Head to Cookies

Whether you need a quick hit of weed after a long shift, before bed, or when in an environment where you can’t simply hit the bong, disposable pens are a great alternative option. Visit Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs to pick up your disposable pen to conveniently and subtly get high whenever and wherever you want. Contact Cookies Palm Springs at (760) 832-8422 to learn more today!

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