The Flowers You’ll Find at the Best Dispensary in OC

Best dispensary in OC

Upon visiting the best dispensary in OC, you’ll find yourself amidst high-grade cannabis flowers. And because of the wide variety of choices, you’ll likely also find yourself dealing with a bad case of option paralysis. So to get you out of that predicament, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to pick out the three best flowers you can get your hands on. We’ll also give you quite a detailed description of each one to give you a better idea of what to expect.

White Cherry Gelato

It’s quite rare that we come across a strain that strikes a perfect balance. But occasionally, we will encounter a strain like White Cherry Gelato, a 50-50 indica/Sativa variant that offers both a cerebral and bodily psychotropic kick. Bred from the union of the relaxing Gelato and the classic White Cherry, White Cherry Gelato is strong enough to keep you glued to your couch by night’s end. And at this point, don’t even think about trying to do anything productive. If you’re the type who enjoys this kind of hit, you’re better off keeping it part of your nightly rituals only. With White Cherry Gelato, you’ll get to enjoy earthy and sour aromas along with a flowery and citrusy flavor. Now isn’t that a delectable combo?

Best dispensary in OC

#33 (a.k.a Scottie Pippen)

Any basketball fan of the 90s will always be familiar with the name Scottie Pippen. As the right-hand man of the consensus GOAT Michael Jordan, Pippen was the utility man who would do the dirty work and score on you at the same time. Now, in terms of recreational cannabis, the Scottie Pippen strain does not disappoint just like the real person. It is the offspring of the uplifting Lemon Cherry Gelato and the relaxing Biscotti, so with this one, you can expect pleasant body sedation along with a head buzz that’s just right. If you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy getting too stoned, this one’s your happy-medium strain. This strain has quite the combination of aromas with hints of sour musk, cheese, and citrus peel. But as you take your first tokes, you’ll be treated with a variety of flavor notes like plum pudding and creamy cacao bean.

Grease Monkey

The third and final item on this list is a favorite among those who endure constant sleep troubles. A product of the union between the heavy-hitting Gorilla Glue #4 and the relieving but equally dangerous Cookies and Cream, Grease Monkey is a powerhouse of a strain. With THC levels that ramp up to 27%, max, you better be careful when dealing with this one. At first, you’ll be disarmed by nutty vanilla and sweet skunky diesel flavors that linger on your lips. But as it slowly creeps into your system, you’ll be slapped with a euphoric sensation that wraps around your being in one fell swoop. Before you know it, you’ll be in a state of sedation that’ll make you want to curl up in bed and enjoy a nice movie. And pretty soon, you’ll be dozing off to dreamland.

Get These Flowers From the Best Dispensary in OC

You can find all three aforementioned strains at Cookies Palm Springs. If you live around the area, we have for you a few great deals to take advantage of. For first-time customers, we offer a 20% discount on their very first purchase. And if you’re a senior patron about 62 years old, there is a 5% discount waiting for you. We also have daily happy hours from 2 PM to 5 PM and 8 PM to 10 PM where you get to enjoy a 20% discount on all items. We’re open daily from 8 AM to 10 PM, so you can drop by any time. For any questions and inquiries, you can call us at (760) 832-8422.

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