The Advantages of Edibles From the Best Dispensary in Palm Springs

Best Dispensary in Palm Springs

Once you enter the best dispensary in Palm Springs, you’ll be greeted by a variety of cannabis edibles. However, many people choose to stay away from this form of magic herb because of the reputation that precedes it. There are horror stories abound about people losing their grip on reality after a few bites off of an edible. The apprehension is clearly understandable. But if you stick to the proper doses and do things right, you’ll instead get to reap the many benefits that edible cannabis brings. And if you’re not sure what they are, here are some of them.

Edibles Aren’t As Damaging to the Lungs

This is likely the biggest and most obvious upside of them all. Cannabis smoke may not be as detrimental to respiratory health as tobacco smoke, it can still cause some damage. It is still an irritant to the throat and heavy smoking can cause some coughing and discomfort. With edibles, you won’t encounter these problems. You will need to watch your sugar intake if you’re going with dessert items, but you won’t have to worry about the possibility of compromising your lungs.

Best Dispensary in Palm Springs

The Effects of Edibles Are More Prominent

Unlike smoking, the THC from edibles enters your body through a different path. Once ingested, it gets to your bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract, then through the liver where it goes through a process called first-pass metabolism. Only then will it enter your general body circulation where you’ll feel its effects, which can take around 30 to 90 minutes. But once it kicks, you’ll feel a more prominent sensation for the next few hours. So if you’re using cannabis for insomnia and pain relief, the effects are much stronger. The same thing goes for its anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing properties. For better or for worse, edibles offer a more pronounced reaction. But again, it would be best to stick with the recommended doses.

Edibles Are More About the Body High

For those who prefer a body buzz over a cerebral sensation, this is a very enticing piece of information. And especially if you’re dealing with a lot of aches and pains, this will help you a lot. An important thing to keep in mind about edibles is that they deliver cannabinoids in large amounts. Whether you’re consuming one that’s high in THC or CBD, you’ll feel much stronger effects compared to smoking and vaping. That said, it is also why many medical experts are prescribing edible cannabis for therapeutic uses. The effects may take a while to kick in, but they are longer lasting and ultimately, more beneficial.

Why You Should Buy Your Edibles From the Best Dispensary in Palm Springs

Now, you can definitely buy edibles from any weed shop of your choice. But if you shop at our store at Cookies Palm Springs, you’ll be in for a treat in the form of sweet deals you likely won’t get anywhere else. If it’s your first time visiting our store, you get a 20% discount on any item for your first purchase. And if you’re a senior herb-lover over the age of 62, you get a 5% discount on any product of your choice. And here’s a treat for everyone else: every day from 2 PM to 5 PM and 8 PM to 10 PM, we’re offering 20% discounts as part of our happy hour promos. We’re open daily from 8 AM to 10 PM. For inquiries, you may call us at (760) 832-8422.

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