How to Buy Top-Grade Cannabis From a Palm Springs Dispensary

Cookies Palm Springs 03/28/22
Palm Springs Dispensary

Once you step inside a Palm Springs dispensary, you’ll be welcomed by a plethora of cannabis products. Each one comes in different forms and sizes which gives you a variety of choices on how to use them. And as a cannabis-lover, it’s always great to have that many choices. What you know from the get-go, however,…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Weed Shops in Palm Springs

Cookies Palm Springs 03/21/22
Weed Shop Palm Springs

There are a ton of weed shops in Palm Springs, and we can all thank legalization for that. As of 2022, 18 out of the 50 US states have green-lit recreational cannabis. Among those regions are the larger states like California, Massachusetts, and New York, which means the magic herb is way more accessible now…

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How to Find the Right Medical Dispensary in Palm Springs

Cookies Palm Springs 03/07/22
Medical Dispensary Palm Springs

How do I find the right medical dispensary in Palm Springs? This is a common question asked by SoCal residents who are more about the therapeutic effects of cannabis overusing it for recreational purposes. And given the plethora of choices you’ll find within the area, this is, indeed, a valid question to ask. If you’re one…

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The Different Ways You Can Smoke At Palm Springs Dispensaries

Cookies Palm Springs 02/28/22
Palm Springs Dispensaries

The medical and recreational marijuana industry is in a constant state of change. With each year, there are new strains, concentrates, and ways to smoke. How does one stay on top of all the cannabis trends? By visiting our dispensary, of course! Here are the different ways to smoke at Palm Springs Dispensaries. Back to…

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The Best Hybrids In Palm Springs Dispensaries

Cookies Palm Springs 02/21/22
Palm Springs Dispensaries

Back in the day, it used to be simple. All you had to know was whether a strain was an Indica or a Sative. Nowadays, nearly every strain is a hybrid. So, what exactly is a hybrid, and how do you choose the best one? Don’t worry; we got you covered! In this article, we’ll…

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Your Guide To Topicals At The Best Dispensary In Palm Springs

Cookies Palm Springs 02/14/22
Best Dispensary In Palm Spring

Topical marijuana products are an excellent way to relieve pain. These products are lowkey, portable, and easy to use. Whether you’re looking to relieve a specific problem area or just curious, topicals are worth trying. So, what do you need to know? Cookies Palm Springs has you covered. Here’s your guide to topicals from the…

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The Best Sativa’s at Our Cannabis Dispensary, Palm Springs

Cookies Palm Springs 02/07/22
Cannabis Dispensary Palm Springs

The world of cannabis used to be black and white. Long ago, there were only Sativa and Indica strains. Nowadays, most marijuana strains are hybrids and dominant in either Sativa or Indica traits. That doesn’t stop us from providing some of the best Sativa dominant strains at our cannabis dispensary in Palm Springs. Here’s our…

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The Best Palm Springs Dispensary

Cookies Palm Springs 01/28/22
Palm Spring Dispensary

The cannabis industry is rapidly changing and growing with each passing year. More and more states are becoming recreational and medicinal, leading to an increase in dispensaries. But you know what hasn’t changed? We’re still the best Palm Springs dispensary! A Palm Springs Dispensary You Can Trust With the marijuana market constantly experiencing growth, it’s…

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How to Spot a Top-Shelf Indica From the Best Dispensary in OC

Cookies Palm Springs 01/21/22
Best Dispensary in OC

The best dispensary in OC is a haven for high-quality indicas. And those who are embedded into recreational cannabis culture have an idea of what an indica brings to the table. While the experience will vary from one individual to another, this variant is known to bring a body high. You’re expected to feel physically…

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Cookies: The Best Edibles Palm Springs

Cookies Palm Springs 01/14/22
Edibles Palm Springs

Cookies Dispensary has become somewhat notorious for having the best edibles Palm Springs has to offer. There are many different types of edibles including gummies, drinks, and tablets that many people have become aware of since weed was legalized back in 2016 in California. Although these edibles do have a great effect on both medicinal and…

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