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The cannabis industry is ever-growing and changing. One year you’re smoking beautifully cultivated flowers, and the following year, you’re vaping incredibly potent concentrates from a device smaller than your hands. Keeping up with these changes will cause whiplash if you aren’t careful. Don’t worry; Cookies has you covered! Here are the products you need to try at weed shops in Palm Springs!

Cartridges and Vaporizers are the Future

Cartridges, vapes, and pens have caused waves throughout the industry over the years. These devices have allowed cannabis connoisseurs an efficient and convenient way to get their smoke. Combine that with the advances in the industry, and you have an excellent time hopping on the concentrate cart bandwagon.

Cartridges and vaporizers need to be incredibly high-quality and trustworthy. The additives can be dangerous and harmful if misrepresented. For those reasons, we only carry respected brands such as STIIIZY and PLUGplay. These brands are trusted by stoners, connoisseurs, and medicinal patients across the nation. Try one of their products to see for yourself!

Weed Shop Palm Springs


One of the many ways the cannabis industry has seen progress is with the development of topicals. Topical products are great tools for individuals who aren’t smoking cannabis but are still seeking pain relief.

Products like PAPA & BARKLEY – 15ML RELIEF BALM provide high-quality pain relief without any psychoactive effects. Topical products should be on your hitlist for something to try next time you come in!


Another product you need to get your hands on is Rosin. Rosin is one of the purest ways to consume cannabis concentrates. The flavor and high are top-tier and should be experienced firsthand.

We recommend coming in and trying a gram of 710 Labs Live Rosin. It’s on the pricey side, but treating yourself is what life’s all about!

Come Try These Products at Our Weed Shop in Palm Springs!

So what’re you waiting for? Come try these products for yourself at our dispensary in Palm Springs! Try picking up a new cartridge from STIIIZY so you can smoke all day while you’re out running errands. Or, try out one of our topicals so you can relieve tension after a long day of work. Smoke some of our top-shelf Rosin and experience a high like no other. The choices are indeed up to you! Come visit us in person at 777 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262 or call us at (760) 832-8422 for more information!

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