Pick Up and Smoke Your Next Eighth at Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs

Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were community lounges to smoke weed in like how there are bars to drink alcohol? Well, this is all possible at Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs. This dispensary is unlike any other in that it provides customers with an entire experience. With the help of a Cookies budtender, customers are guided throughout the shop to check out and choose what they would like to purchase from the wide variety of cannabis products the shop carries. Customers then have the option to attend the lounge which is conveniently a part of the shop and gives you a chance to try the product you purchased. This shop and lounge is a smoker’s dream venue that makes Cookies a must-visit dispensary. Read on to learn more about Cookies Dispensary and lounge before visiting!

Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs and Lounge

Cookies Dispensary provides customers with an incomparable experience where you can purchase an eighth (for example) and smoke it right after. “For those moments of midlife rebellion- come sneak a spliff with your lovers and friends” (Google Reviews, 2019) at Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs! Read on to learn more about the Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs experience.

Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs

Dispensary Storefront

Cookies Palm Springs Dispensary is one of the top-rated cannabis shops due to its unlimited supply and wide selection of cannabis products. From eighths of flower to prerolls, to edibles, to concentrates, Cookies has all you need to get you through the day and keep you medicated. With eighths starting at less than $20, there are options for everyone to enjoy. Although Cookies carry many brands of flowers, they also carry their brand of exclusive and exotic strains. These Cookies strains have become notorious and difficult to find at most dispensaries – excluding Cookies of course. The Cookies brand and store also carry their brand of edibles, prerolls, and tinctures, allowing every type of cannabis user to experience a little taste of Cookies. This dispensary has everything you can dream of in a cannabis shop.

The Lounge

The lounge section of Cookies Dispensary is what sets this shop apart from most others. Cookies offer customers a chance to try their products out in a relaxed, social setting with some fellow stoners. This environment is somewhat like a bar, except filled with chill smokers and weed instead of wild drunks and alcohol. The lounge is decorated with elegant wall art surrounding couches and tables with board games. As customers report, “it’s a great place to come with some friends, get high, and play some games.” The lounge is also prepared with supplies such as rolling papers, rolling trays, and grinders to make your experience as convenient and pleasant as possible. Customers are also able to bring their food and drinks to enjoy when the munchies start to kick in. The Cookies lounge is comfortable and welcoming to all customers who wish to partake in the group sesh.

Final Notes

Overall, Cookies Dispensary knows how to impress and satisfy their customers. From their well-stocked supply of cannabis products to their relaxing lounge, it is almost impossible to leave Cookies. Visit Cookies Dispensary in Palm Springs to pick up your next eighth and smoke it on the spot! Contact Cookies Palm Springs at (760) 832-8422 to learn more today!

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