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Your Guide To Topicals At The Best Dispensary In Palm Springs

Topical marijuana products are an excellent way to relieve pain. These products are lowkey, portable, and easy to use. Whether you’re looking to relieve a specific problem area or just curious, topicals are worth trying. So, what do you need to know? Cookies Palm Springs has you covered. Here’s your guide to topicals from the best dispensary in Palm Springs.

Lotions, Balms, And Oils: What’s The Difference?

So, what exactly are CBD topicals? And with so many choices, how do you decide? Cannabis-infused topicals are absorbed through the skin and can relieve pain, soreness, and inflammation. Topicals range in variety from ointments, sprays, balms, patches, and more. The CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids found in topicals bind to receptors in your body, providing relief. Topicals are good options for individuals who want the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without getting high. Your choice of topical will come down to your needs and preferences.

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Wait, Topicals Don’t Get You High?

Nope! Topicals won’t get you high or give you a sense of euphoria. Most topicals are made with less than 0.3 percent THC, so you won’t feel the effects at all. You’ll see different labels on topical products; here’s a rundown of what they mean.

  • CBD Isolate: Contains only CBD, no other cannabinoids, including THC.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: Contains most cannabinoids, may or may not include THC.
  • Full-spectrum CBD: Contains all cannabinoids, including THC.

Benefits Of Cannabis Topical Products

The range of benefits you can experience from cannabis topicals is crazy! Here are some of the most common benefits and uses.


One of the main benefits of cannabis topicals is their anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can include sprains, burns, swelling, and more. You can apply CBD Patches for potential relief!

Pain Relief

Cannabis topicals can also be used for muscle pain and soreness. Products like Mary’s Muscle Freeze can make an excellent post-workout soreness reliever!


The cannabinoids found in topicals act as potent antioxidants. Antioxidants have been linked to reducing free radicals in the skin, which can cause damage. Try Papa & Barkley’s Repair Cream for a natural anti-aging remedy!

Purchase Your Next Cannabis Topical At The Best Dispensary In Palm Springs!

Cannabis topicals are gaining popularity in the industry. These products have potential benefits and advantages that you may not get from traditional smoking methods. Benefits like antiseptic, acne control and anti-cancer properties could change how we approach medical issues in the future. So, what are you waiting for? Come pick up your next topical at Cookies Palm Springs! Our knowledgeable staff of budtenders is here to help you make a perfect choice. Whether topicals, edibles, or strains, our team will ensure you purchase the best product for your needs and budget. Come visit us at 777 N Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, CA 92262, or call us at (760) 832-8422 for more information!