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What Rolling Papers Will I Find In Marijuana Stores Near Me?

Any cannabis lover would have asked this question at least once: What rolling papers will I find in marijuana stores near me? Now, if you’re asking this question, you either have zero knowledge of the paper you’re using, or you’re just not very particular about brands or types. Wherever you fall in these spectrums, this article should serve you well. It can either be an informative guide that could help you along the way, or it could just be a source of brand new information. There’s no harm in learning something new every day, after all, right? So without further adieu, here’s your comprehensive guide to rolling papers. It’s a piece you thought you didn’t need, until now. We’ll do this by answering some frequently asked questions from both beginners and long-time regulars.

What Is the Ideal Size For Rolling Papers?

Before anything else, you’d want to figure out one important thing: paper size. Upon getting to the weed store, you’ll be met with a few options: Single, 1 ½, 1 ¼, King, and Double. Singles are the smallest among the bunch, and if you’re a beginner hand-roller, this can be a challenge. The 1 ¼ variant is the most popular one. It’s about the size of a regular cigarette, and it can accommodate up to three people. The 1 ½ and Double options are larger ones, but their size is awkwardly bigger to be a go-to option for smokers. They’re either too big for a small crowd or too small for a larger smoking circle. King-sized papers, however, are a different story. They’re easier to handle, provide better ventilation, and fit perfectly for a group of five to six herb-lovers.

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Are There ‘Healthier’ Rolling Paper Options?

Here’s one way to answer this question: all rolling papers are made from organic material. You’ll find brands that are made from rice, while some are made from hemp. Certain products are made of flax, which has less of that smoke taste. Many of these products are vegan-friendly and made from pure natural fibers.

Now, whichever one would be the “healthier” or “healthiest” option will be a mere judgment call. It will depend on preference or whether or not it will go against your beliefs.

Can the Use of Rolling Papers Cause Harm to One’s Health?

When it comes to rolling papers, you’re better off with the all-natural stuff. What can potentially be detrimental to your health would be the use of novelty papers. These come in different colors and flavors that may add to the overall experience, especially in terms of taste. However, recent studies show that these flavored papers may contain harmful additives like pesticides and metals, which may or may not carry harmful health effects. To be on the safest side, stick with the all-natural variants. They may not pack as many flavors, but with them, you won’t be as worried about possible contaminants.

What Rolling Papers Will I Find In Marijuana Stores Near Me?

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