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How to Spot a Top-Shelf Indica From the Best Dispensary in OC

The best dispensary in OC is a haven for high-quality indicas. And those who are embedded into recreational cannabis culture have an idea of what an indica brings to the table. While the experience will vary from one individual to another, this variant is known to bring a body high. You’re expected to feel physically relaxed upon those first few hits. Some people feel sleepy and drift off into slumberland within the first few minutes. It is the exact opposite of the Sativa, which is known to bring a head high that would supposedly help keep you focused, creative, and uplifted. Now, you may know a good amount about the indica, but are you keen on spotting a top-shelf indica? Read this article to know more.

What Exactly Is Top-Shelf Cannabis?

Before anything else, you must know how to spot high-quality cannabis buds. For the veteran user and/or grower, the first glance can tell whether or not the weed they’re dealing with should be bought or not. But for the untrained user, you can identify top-shelf weed using three of your five senses.


Best Dispensary in OC


Subpar weed will either smell like it has chemical additives or like it’s been too dried up. The worst kind is if you get weed that smells like mold, and that would only give you potential health problems in the long run. High-quality cannabis, on the other hand, will have either a citrusy, earthy, or diesel-like smell (in the best way possible). You will instantly notice its pungent smell even without putting the weed next to your nose.


This is a bit tricky. You wouldn’t want buds that are too moist or too dry. You also wouldn’t want weed that’s too light or airy. The best kind is sticky to the touch and is dense enough to have a bit of added weight.


Top-shelf weed will be filled with trichomes all over its surface. Trichomes are small, crystal-like materials that look like frost. You’ll also notice a proper, professionally-done trim to make it look aesthetically pleasing. If you’re not seeing these from your bud, you’re likely dealing with an inferior product.

What Are Some Good Examples of Top-Shelf Indicas?

So let’s narrow down our discussion further by taking a look at some of the best indicas you can find in the market today.

Blueberry (a.k.a Berry Blue)

With a modest 17% THC, Blueberry will give you the expected relaxing sensation that an indica gives. But it won’t make you feel like a zombie and will instead give you a prolonged sense of euphoria. No wonder this strain was given the Best Indica recognition at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Grape Ape

This one has the same THC percentage as the Blueberry. But apart from providing relaxation, Grape Ape also delivers a nice pain and stress-relieving after-effect. If you’re suffering from anxiety, this could potentially help you, as well.

White Berry (a.k.a White Raspberry)

Yes, you will get the expected calming effect from White Berry. But what sets this indica apart is that as you consume more, you will feel a Sativa-like head high while experiencing a body high at the same time. And with 20% THC, you will likely feel it hit harder.

Get These Strains From the Best Dispensary in OC

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