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What the Best Dispensary in Palm Springs Should Provide

Here at Cookies, our goal is not to be yet another dispensary in the Palm Springs area. Rather, we want to be the best dispensary in Palm Springs. Before we started our business, we were just dispensary customers ourselves. As consumers, we saw what worked as well as what didn’t. So, we designed Cookies to the “best of all worlds,” so to speak. Here, you can find the level of selection, service, and quality that the Palm Springs area deserves. 

Best Dispensary in Palm Springs in Terms of Selection 

To be the “best dispensary,” we believe that a dispensary must have the best selection. After all, every person is different. Their taste, preferences, and needs will all differ. To that end, we offer as many different products as we can vouch for. If you look at our site as of this writing, we offer 1765 products. By the time you read this blog, that number probably will be out of date, as we’ll have added several more products by then. As we’re always on the lookout for something better, we’re able to give our customers a better shopping experience. 

More for Less 

All of the above paragraph having been said, all of the selection in the world won’t matter if the prices are too high. That’s why we always price our products competitively, so that anyone who wants to partake can do so. Moreover, we’re always offering deals and discounts, too. For the most part, no matter who you are or when you like to shop, you’ll find some kind of deal at Cookies. Whether you’re shopping the Early Bird (6 AM to 10 AM) or Happy Hour (2 PM to 6 PM) or if you’re a vet, a senior, or just purchasing your first order, you’ll be able to get a discount here. We’re always adding new discounts, too. 

Quick, Easy, and Secure Way to Shop 

As of this writing, the pandemic is still going on, and we understand that many of our customers are going to have concerns about in-person shopping. That’s perfectly understood. To that end, we’ve revamped our curbside pickup process. That means you can purchase your products online, give us a call once you’re here, and we’ll bring everything you purchased out to you. Of course, you’re always more than welcome to shop in our store, as well. There, you’ll find that we’re all wearing masks, practicing social-distancing, have copious amounts of hand sanitizer, and more. 

Open Every Day 

We don’t believe that, just because it’s the weekend, our customers should be precluded from purchasing marijuana products. Indeed, the weekend might just be the best time of the week, for many folks, to consume them. So, that’s why we’re open seven days a week from 6 AM to 10 PM. Moreover, with that schedule, just about anybody can fit us into the course of their day. To find everything our Palm Springs dispensary offers, just head on over to our website.