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Cookies Palm Springs Dispensary Deals

There is one thing that almost every shopper is looking for whether they are at a dispensary or shopping elsewhere – that is, deals. Although weed can be expensive with high tax rates, it is still possible to get what you need without spending all that you have in your wallet. Cookies Palm Springs dispensary deals make shopping for weed more affordable and easier than ever with their categorized discounts as well as happy hours. Whether you are shopping for top-shelf products or something quick and cheap, Cookies has everything you need with the best deals available. Read on to learn more about the deals offered at Cookies Dispensary.

What Cookies Palm Springs Dispensary Deals Are Available to Me?

Whether you are a first-time customer or are returning, there are several deals available for you to take advantage of at Cookies. Cookies Dispensary provides customers with the best products at the best prices. Read on to learn which deals you can take advantage of at Cookies!

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First Time Customers

First-time customers are guaranteed a great first experience at Cookies due to the incredibly helpful staff and unbeatable first-time deals. As a first-time patient, you are gifted 20% off your entire order. If you and a friend are visiting Cookies for the first time, you have the option of shopping under one name and saving the other person’s discount for the next time that you come in. This gives first-time customers the chance to save 20% off their order more than just one time. Visit Cookies to take advantage of these first-time deals.

Special Discounts

Not only does Cookies Dispensary provide discounts for first-time customers, but there are also deals available for returning shoppers as well as customers of special circumstances. For example, senior citizens over 62 years old are qualified to receive a ‘senior discount’ which is 5% off their order. Veterans are also able to get 5% off their order by showing proof of military service. Given how high taxes are, these discounts can go a long way depending on how much you are spending. If you do qualify for these special discounts, visit Cookies and pick up today!

Happy Hour

If you do not qualify for any of these available discounts, there is no need to fret – Cookies still has deals for you. Cookies Dispensary has a ‘happy hour’ every day from 2 pm-5 pm and again from 8 pm to 10 pm. During these hours, products in the shop are 20% off their original price. Given these happy hour deals, you are almost guaranteed to pay less than the full price at Cookies. As reflected by the shop’s reviews, Cookies has “dank products at great prices.” Vist Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs during happy hours to get 20% off your order!

Final Notes

Cookies Dispensary has deals available for every customer. Whether you are first-time or returning, you have the chance to get 20% off your entire order. Visit Cookies Dispensary to shop for your favorite products with the best deals in Palm Springs! Contact Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs at (760) 832-8422 to learn more today!