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A “Cannabis Store Near Me” With Deals

We’re all searching for the perfect dispensary. Is a dispensary with deals, a great selection, and a friendly staff too much to ask for? At Cookies Palm Springs, we believe that should be the bare minimum! So, how can you find the perfect “cannabis store near me” with great deals and a fantastic selection?

Look No Further Than Cookies Palm Springs!

Our deals are just one of the few things we pride ourselves on at Cookies Palm Springs. We offer daily discounts for new-time clients, veterans, the elderly, and repeat clients!

A Discount the First Time You Walk In

The first time you walk in and order with Cookies Palm Springs, you get a discount! Our first-time clients get 20% off their first order, whether it be recreational or medicinal! Try using the deal on some of our top-shelf rosins for an incredible smoking experience.

Cannabis Store Near Me

Veterans & Seniors

We can’t forget our veterans and senior citizens. We provide our veterans and senior citizens over 62 with 5% off their orders! These clients are part of the backbone of the cannabis community and can’t go unnoticed.

Multiple Happy Hours

Getting to the dispensary can be a challenge. Work, family, commute, budget, and more can make a dispensary run more hassle than an exciting event. For these reasons, we provide our clients with two daily happy hours to get a discount that works with their schedule! We provide 20% Mon-Sun at 2 PM-5 PM and 8 PM-10 PM. Whether you’re coming on your lunch break or after work, we want to provide you with a discount for choosing Cookies Palm Springs!

A “Cannabis Store Near Me” That Works!

We’re all trying to find that one dispensary that we can hang our hat on. We’re searching for the one dispensary that checks all of our boxes. Cookies Palm Springs can be the dispensary you’re searching for! We pride ourselves on our top-rated selection of strains, concentrates, and more. And if you ever need help making a selection, our staff of knowledgeable budtenders is here to guide you! Our team is here to ensure you find the best product that matches your needs and budget. So what’re you waiting for? Come visit us at 777 N Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, CA 92262, or call us at (760) 832-8422 for more information!