3 Potent Strains From a Cannabis Dispensary in Palm Springs

Cannabis Dispensary Palm Springs

Any cannabis dispensary in Palm Springs will have its line of potent strains that could put you out like a light if you’re not careful. And just how potent are these strains, exactly? The THC percentage on these is at least 20, but we’ll give you an exact figure for each one. Again, these strains aren’t something you should be messing with, so tread with caution. But don’t worry, we’ll give you a detailed overview of what they’re all about, which in turn, should give you an idea of what to expect.

Cherry AK-47

The name itself that bears the branding of a powerful assault rifle should give you a clue about what this strain is all about. A Sativa-dominant variant, the Cherry AK-47 is potent enough to make you take notice. With THC percentages that can climb up to 21%, prepare yourself for a powerful euphoric and psychotropic trip. Upon the first tokes, you’ll notice both a cerebral and body high envelop your entire being. In terms of aroma and flavor, you’ll be treated to a wonderful scent combo of sandalwood, cream, and mint, followed by tastes of skunk on your lips. Cherry AK-47 also bears some therapeutic benefits, making it a primary choice for those who are dealing with insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, and loss of appetite.

Cannabis Dispensary Palm Springs

Granimals (a.k.a Garanimals)

Indica lovers will get a treat out of this next strain on the list. Granimals (a.k.a “Garanimals” for some folks) is the wonderful product you get from breeding the pleasantly intoxicating Grape Pie with the pain-killing Animal Cookies. With this one, expect a full-body high to calm you down and help ease any difficulties you’re dealing with. And with THC levels that can climb up to a whopping 29%, you better treat this one with respect. Granimals is known as an effective source of relief for those who suffer from stress and anxiety. If you happen to be one of them, you ought to give this one a try if you haven’t yet. Aroma-wise, your nose will be treated to a spicy and earthy sensation. And upon those first few tokes, your taste buds will enjoy a nutty, cookie taste combined with fruity and berry notes.

Sundae Driver

The last but certainly not the least item on this list is a hard-hitter that’s bred from the union of the euphoria-inducing FPOG and the couch-locking Grape Pie. With THC levels that can climb up to 21%, Sundae Driver tends to be more balanced with its kick. Don’t be too lax, though, because before you know it, you’ll be dozing off into slumber town. For those who love their dessert, this strain will leave a sweet, chocolatey, creamy flavor in your taste buds. Likewise, the aroma brings notes of a sugary grape candy that will remind you of Halloweens from your carefree years. Those who suffer from insomnia, chronic stress, and even PTSD can benefit from a few doses of Sundae Driver.

Get These Strains From a Reliable Cannabis Dispensary in Palm Springs

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